Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Car Accident Claims

Why do you need a lawyer for car accident claims?

There are two basic kinds of car accident claims. Whether you’re making a claim under Ontario’s no-fault insurance legislation or suing the other party for additional damages because of negligence – you need a lawyer to assist you with your case and determine the best course of action. You need a specialist in personal injury law and car accident claims.

Under Ontario’s no-fault legislation, if you’re insured, you're entitled to compensation. There are a variety of categories, ranging from Income Replacement Benefits to help with caregiving. A lawyer will get you the full amount to which you are entitled. This becomes really important if you’ve suffered catastrophic injury and need ongoing support.

If the other party in the accident was negligent, you can sue for further damages. For this, you’re again going to need a personal injury lawyer – one who is prepared to negotiate an out of court settlement or go to trial if necessary.

And remember: there are strict time requirements for launching claims and legal actions. A lawyer will make sure you meet all deadlines for car accident claims.
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Is a Lawyer Always Necessary for Car Accident Claims?

Car accident claims in Ontario are covered by the province’s no-fault insurance legislation. If there was negligence on the part of the other party in the accident – and you think you can prove it – you can also sue for additional damages. In both cases, you need the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Benefits Available Under the Insurance Act

If you are applying for benefits as outlined in the province’s Insurance Act, you may be able to get coverage under a variety of categories. There is an Income Replacement Benefit, a Non-Earner Benefit, Caregiver, Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits. There’s coverage for Attendant Care and other expenses such as housekeeping, home maintenance – and even a death and funeral payments benefit. Again, to be completely sure of which categories you can make a claim under – and for how much – it’s to your benefit to hire a lawyer experienced in such claims. Remember: your insurance company is required to pay your claim and they deal with car accident claims all the time. A lawyer will level the playing field and ensure that you meet the various filing deadlines.

Hiring a Lawyer

A lawyer can also advise you if you have a further case against the other party under tort law. Find a lawyer who will take a contingency fee from the proceeds of an eventual settlement. There should be no need for you to pay any upfront costs or expenses throughout the claims process .